How Magnetic Signs are Made at Williams Signs?


Williams Sign is a famous sign supplier company of Fort Worth, North Texas, inaugurated in 1972 by Freddie Williams and Doyle Williams. The small set up company spread its wings with the days passed on and had earned respect of many by their unique printing quality. The company has accelerated the growth of its business by investing into premium quality signages.

Williams Signs’ signages always stand out among the countless other posters, thanks to its premium colour quality and crisp lettering. Every product of Williams Sign is of top-notch quality. Car magnets and magnetic signs Fortworth always win over hearts. Bold prints and posters make the magnetic signs of Williams Signs’ stand out.

Magnetic signs are easy to use as they are easy to put on and off. The easy to read and cost-effective magnetic signs are quite popular on cars. The popular Signage company Fortworth manufactures the magnetic signs with vibrant colours. The steps which Williams Sign involve during the production of Car Magnets and Magnetic Signs are enlisted below:

  1. Printing: In the first step, the company makes use of High resolution 8 colour printing to place the image on the vinyl media
  2. Mounting: During this process a professionally rated large-format laminator is being used
  • Lamination: In the third step, the images get covered with a lamination covering to protect from outside forces
  1. Rounding: In the last step, the laminated sheets are cut to ½” circumnavigated corners.


The car magnets of Williams Signs come in a variety of sizes and each of the size of the magnetic sign is prepared keeping in mind the both sides of the car. The reliability of Signage company Fortworth is quite high.

Williams Signs focus on the flexibility of the material that they use during the manufacturing period of the magnetic signs. The magnetic sheets are turn into pieces based on the customization of the magnetic signs. The company doesn’t ignore the image quality. High resolution eco-solvent printing makes the fine details, difficult graphics, small text and the photos easy to capture. Williams Signs know the signs will be attached at the outside body of the car. Therefore, the company needs to make use of laminate film which can provide the signs with longevity and adhesive vinyl to keep the signs pleasant to look at. They are also prone to keep an eye on the corners of the signs. The rounded corners provide the signs with durability which is important to protect the sign from breaking.

Williams Signs is quite attentive about the reduction of the waste material and for this purpose they apply standard craft paper’s roll under the non-laminated parts. This is one of their small efforts to help the reduced amount of waste in the environment. This increases the sustainability of the business as well as improves the business responsibility.

For further information on the same, stay tuned with the page and go through the website of Williams Sign (https://williams-sign.comand call on their helpline number 800-433-8535.