Convey Professionalism with Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs


Corrugated plastic signs are suitable for use in almost any environment, for advertising any sort of message. This is because they are portable, durable, lightweight, and affordable. Corrugated plastic has high durability without having any unnecessary heaviness. It’s surprisingly resilient and so lightweight that you can transport it easily.

Custom printed corrugated plastic signs are widely used by business organizations today for the purpose of advertising and promotion.

Key Advantages of Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs:

1. Corrugated plastic signs are durable, versatile, and affordable. They are not as thick as acrylic signs, due to which they are lighter and more portable.

2. They can be employed for architecture, at tradeshows, and for directions. Their use is especially popular in real estate signs. They can often be found mounted in ground, hung from a ceiling, or hung on a wall.

3. Since they can be used in versatile locations, they can be contour-cut in any shape and printed on both sides. This lets these signs to create an impact irrespective of the direction one sees them from.

4. Corrugated plastic signage is made with durable vinyl material which has a longevity of more than five years if you offer them proper management and care. While you can use them outdoors and indoors, it’s best not to leave them for prolonged periods in direct sunlight, since even the UV-resistant ink fades after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Owing to these advantages, corrugated plastic signs are employed in various applications. The print on them can be customized according to your requirements.

Applications of Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs:

• Exhibitions
• Promotional signage
• Point-of-purchase indoor signs
• Informational and directional signs
• Special event signs
• Menu boards

Whatever be your signage needs, corrugated plastic signs can meet them effectively. For tailored printing, you can seek the help of a Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs company in Fort Worth.
Corrugated plastic signs offer you lots of options when it comes to designing them. You can make them as impactful as you want.

Following are a few ways to boost the effectiveness of corrugated plastic signs:

• Using extra lettering colors, borders, and stripes
• Adding a graphic symbol or logo
• Using stakes or frames, or featuring on an easel

If you are a business organization, corrugated plastic signs can help you convey your message effectively with high professionalism. Get in touch with a reputed Custom Printed Corrugated Plastic Signs Fort Worth company to avail high-quality corrugated plastic signage.