5 Key Trends in Digital Signage for 2018


Digital signage is being increasingly used by people today. The digital signage industry has become an important industry in the present times. Various trends have developed in this industry in the past, and different trends are likely to continue developing in the future.

Here are some of the key trends in digital signage that are likely to prevail in 2018:

  1. Video Walls would Become More Commonplace


Earlier, interactive displays were special like video walls of today. With the passage of time, video walls are likely to become more and more common. Video walls not only offer more surface for working with, but also more specific uses and additional functions.


  1. Greater Interactivity


When the interactivity is more advanced, the engagement is greater. Gradually, interactivity is becoming an important requirement for any impactful digital signage campaign. Beginning with touch screen displays merely, interactivity has extended to programmed display behavior and voice recognition, according to the data recorded.


While it may be considered scary or surprising, interactivity would certainly increase in 2018, and some new innovations may occur that can be incorporated in the digital signage world.


  1. Better and More Appealing Displays

Gone are the days of purchasing just any display to use it for a digital signage campaign. Now, people are often noting the difference between standard displays employed to watch television and the displays employed specifically for a digital signage campaign. The differences continue to emerge with the development of digital signage, starting from size, features, and durability of commercial grade displays employed for digital signage.

Functionality, appearance, and size of displays are likely to improve even more to enhance the effectiveness and appeal of digital signage experience.


  1. Better Hardware and Better Adaptation Outdoors


With the increase in digital signage use in the outdoors, it is getting adapted better to the environment so as to bring improved performance. The increased reflective LCD displays is one such example. These displays have various uses, beginning from providing exemplary performance under bright sunlight. Such displays employ external sources of light for displaying anything, making them ideal for the outdoors.


  1. To be Used by More People


Earlier, digital signage was a big step for business owners. While it remains a huge step, taking it is significantly cheaper and easier now. As compared to a few years ago, it’s easy to attain digital signage knowledge and services nowadays, and they can be obtained at a remarkably lower cost. Considering these factors, we may question whether or not more businesses are embracing digital signage.


For example, the food industry is one of the industries that have applied digital signage in their advertisements, menus and more. With digital signage becoming more easily available, more and more people are embracing it.


These are some of the chief trends in the digital signage industry that are likely to dominate 2018. If you are a business owner thinking about using digital signage, consider hiring a reliable signage company Fort Worth to get quality digital signage services.